5 Dimes – An Online Sportsbooks

5 Dimes - An Online Sportsbooks

5 Dimes online Sportsbook is said to be one of the well-established and most trusted sportsbooks found in the internet. This offers the full range of the betting options in making sports. This is also one of the few books that are regularly put up in the lines with not so familiar sports like auto racing, tennis, horse racing and the like. 5 Dimes offers wager in straight action points, straight bets, totals, teasers, parlays and pleasers. This is also received a grade A for its review.

5 Dimes – An Online Sportsbooks

5 Dimes - An Online Sportsbooks
5 Dimes – An Online Sportsbooks

This is open since 1998 and is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. You only need $ 50 as the minimum deposit. 5 Dimes sportsbook is considered to be one of the 4 big line setters. That simply means that they are the first one to post for overnights together with the CRIS, Bookmaker, Olympic. 5 Dimes sportsbook is a great place for wager in all sports especially in baseball because they offer nickel lines in an overnight action. Even a Bookmaker it does not offer this kind of perk. This also offers more props as with the other online sportsbook in the market. These include the alternate totals and NFL lines. That simply means that if Bears were 3 with other books the 5 Dimes will have the prop of Bears 3 plus along the way in the Bears -7 in giving diverse betting option line. They also give until 20 point of teasers on baseball and football sides. There is no other sportsbook that comes as close with this. If you consider yourself as serious player who looks for other betting out, 5 Dimes is really a great choice.

5 Dimes online Sportsbook welcomes big number of players that also offers enticing reward programs for all the small players. This is known to have a most extensive selection for wager types and betting odds in this industry. This becomes one of the top major choices for players who look for well and original booked alternate. This posts the biggest amount and the variety of odds in the sporting events in the different leagues in the world. 5 Dimes keeps on impressing the players in all kinds of a having incredible odd, wagering selections, secure transactions and reliable pay outs. The customer servicing and wagering staffs have 24 hours and 7 days duty. That is why they can cater all the needs of their clients.

The 5 Dimes Online Sportsbook clients may select in the following plans account if they wanted to create one

  • Reduced juice, this offers sports that include Mixed Martial Arts, NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, CFL, Boxing, Major Tennis Events, WNBA, MLB, PGA Golf.
  • Lotto, Free-play and Match Play
  • Rewards for Cash Back
  • Free Reward Program for Pay outs
  • Casino Rebate Program Rewards
  • Point Mover for Special Program Reward

The 5 Dimes Online Sportsbook is just a great reward for those who are an excited in making bet or wage in different field of sports.

If you are diligent and lucky enough, you will get the most rewards just by visiting betting sites. The rewards at times come together with large bonuses and promotions that you will surely be grateful for. It also includes more chances of having this again and again as long as you know the game. The said sites also have different rewards or bonuses to provide but the big deal is that you are able to get the most of it in real time. Think about the many things you can do with all the promotions you will get. The quantity of these is much more than you can think of. There is an assurance that you will end up smiling while counting a lot of money.

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