Again this time will only China and USA compete for the top spot in Olympics

Again this time will only China and USA compete for the top spot in Olympics

The U.S.A. (United States of America) first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1896 and in the Winter Games in 1924. Except for the Summer Olympics in 1980, they have participated in every Olympic game. Only in athletics, U.S.A. has clinched 2,400 medals in total at the Summer Games and a total of 281 medals at the Winter Games. U.S.A. won 768 (32%) medals in track and field (athletics) and 520 medals (22%) in swimming. They have clinched more gold medals and overall medals in comparison to any other country at the Summer Games. In the recent Summer Olympic Games in 2012, U.S.A. has given an outstanding performance. A total of 261 men and 269 women competed in 25 sports at the Summer Games. U.S.A. has won 104 medals in total (46 gold medals, 28 silver medals, and 29 bronze medals) at the 2012 Olympics. This was the maximum number of medals U.S.A. has ever won at any Olympic Games (summer or winter).

Again this time will only China and USA  compete for the  top spot in Olympics

Again this time will only China and USA  compete for the  top spot in Olympics
Again this time will only China and USA compete for the top spot in Olympics

China participated in the Olympics from 1932 to 1948 as delegates of the Republic of China. Under the title of the PRC (People’s Republic of China), China had participated at the Olympic Games in 1952. They participated only in one event at that Olympics. The number of events or games they participated in and the number of events or games they won medals in got significantly increased with time. China had clinched 152 gold medals out of 201 gold medals (three-fourth) and had won 311 medals out of 473 total medals (two-third) in six sports, namely shooting, diving, badminton, weightlifting, table tennis and gymnastics at Olympics. They are one of the most dominating countries at the Olympic Games.

Top spot in Olympics

In diving, table tennis, and badminton, they are recently dominating the gold medals. Since 1992, China had clinched all the gold medals, one time in badminton and four times in the table tennis event, and they captured three-fourth of all the gold medals in diving. This dominance decreased the participation of Non-Asian countries in badminton and table tennis. They are also on the top in swimming at the Olympics. In 1984, China clinched fifteen gold medals and secured the fourth rank in Olympics. In 1988, they were on the 11th rank by winning five gold medals. They again acquired the fourth position by winning 16 gold medals at the Summer Olympics in 1992 but in Women’s Basketball, China lost to the U.S.A. in the finale. In 1996, they again finished with the fourth rank by winning 16 gold medals. In this season also they lost to U.S.A. in the finale in Women’s Football category. In 2000, China secured the third position by winning 28 gold medals. China made it to the second rank by winning 32 gold medals at 2004 Summer Olympics. In 2008, Chinese teams were exceptionally good at the Summer Olympics. China finished with the first rank for the time as they glittered with 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 28 bronze medals. They were at second rank at the Summer Olympics in 2012 by winning 38 gold medals.

China and U.S.A. are two highly prevalent countries at the Olympics. Although U.S.A. has more experience in the Olympics in comparison to China, China has more natural talent especially when it comes to sports like table tennis, gymnastics, badminton, diving etc. While U.S.A. has the best athletes, athletics is the weakest spot for China.

At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, countries are going to compete in 28 sports which include golf and rugby seven. Rio 2016 has a total set of 41 disciplines. Although a large number of countries are going to participate at Rio 2016, the main competitors will always be U.S.A. and China. They will be challenging each other for a total of 306 medals. Seeing the performance of China and USA in recent Olympics, we can safely say that this time also, only USA and China will compete for the top spot in the Olympics.

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