Charms And Clovers Most Effective Moves to Use in Playing

Charms And Clovers Most Effective Moves to Use in Playing

Charms and Clover is a slot game created by Betsoft. In the Charms and Clovers slot game in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android you will be brought to the adventure in the jungle Ireland. You will meet with Irish fairy, Leprechaun. This green dressed male fairy is very funny and makes playing Charms and Clovers more fun. The graphic in Charms and Clovers will make you like being in a fairy tale world.The symbols of the reels are also made very interesting so you hooked to play Charms and Clovers slot game. Symbol of Charms and Clovers slot game is the traditional lucky objects. There are horseshoes, pots of gold, four leafed clovers, golden lucky 7s and iridescent rainbows

Charms And Clovers Most Effective Moves to Use in Playing


Charms and Clovers slot game has 6 reel and 40 paylines. Big number of the reel makes your chance of winning is greater. 40 payline is also large number payline in slot games. The more payline that can be played, then your chance of winning also getting bigger.

There are 4 bonus games within the Charms and Clovers slot game. The bonus feature is the Money Wheel, Mega Symbol, Pots of Gold, and Golden Bonus. In the Money Wheel bonus feature, you have a chance to win a total of bet multipliers up to 40x. In the second bonus feature, Mega Symbol, you will get 8 free spins. In this feature you have the opportunity to find mega leprechaun symbol that takes up the position of three ordinary symbols. The third bonus features are Ports Of Gold. This bonus symbol will activate 8 free spins with three extra wild symbols added to the reels. Then the last bonus feature is the Golden Bonus. In this bonus feature, you’ll find five pots of gold. You have to pick one to win a prize of up to 20x the total bet.

Charms And Clovers Most Effective Moves to Use in Playing
Charms And Clovers Most Effective Moves to Use in Playing

Charms and Clovers slot game is a slot game that is filled with luck. To maximize the good luck, it would require some effective moves. The following is effective moves that you can use in Charms and Clovers slot game:

  1. Understanding the rules

Understanding the game may not be the effective moves. But with understanding the rules and Clovers Charms slots game in Slot machine games, free slot betting website, you can develop a strategy that you will use. You should understand the basic rules such as the number of paylines, the form of payline and a minimum bet required. You also need to understand the bonus features that found on Charms and Clovers slot game. If you want to be better in understanding the rules, you can try to play the free version.

  1. Aiming the bonus feature

Charms and Clovers slot games have 4 bonus features that can be utilized. Bonus features offer a reward far greater than the standard combination. Therefore you better target the bonus feature than the standard combination.

  1. Playing max bet

Playing max bet better than playing with a number of lines slightly. Using many payline gives you a greater chance of winning in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. Moreover, by playing max bet, then your chance to get the bonus features become bigger. Therefore, a small bet on a max bet far more useful than a big bet but only on a single payline.

  1. Start from small

When playing Charms and Clovers slot game, you should start with a little number of bets. By using a number of small bets, chances of you getting a loss is little. Playing with a small value also makes you have more time to familiarize yourself with the game. You can enlarge your bets after the increase in your capital by the victory that has been obtained.

  1. Know the time to exit

Knowing the right time quit the game is very important to playing the slot game. You will be protected from excessive defeat. Therefore, you have to set targets and stop loss points before starts playing. When your capital has touched your stop loss, stop playing. You can go back to play in the next day or when your mood has improved

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