Easiest way or cheats to beat and win slot games

Easiest way or cheats to beat and win slot games

Cheating was never considered a “good” act in any way. Although this is the case, many people still continue to exercise this in many situations. Even you may have done this at least a few times in your whole life – from school exams up to computer games. Yes, these are some of the way or cheats to beat and win slot games.

In the case of slot machines, cheating is also evident from many players. Some may think that casino slot machines in Onlineslotqq188.com Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins are so well-budgeted that there is only a very thin window for cheating but in reality, there are still some loopholes that many cheaters take advantage of. This article will try to enumerate some of the most commonly used cheating methods by people. This article does not intend to teach people to cheat but rather to be informed of what is happening. This way, people may be warned before they even attempt to cheat because of the possible legal consequences they might face once caught.

Easiest way or cheats to beat and win slot games

Easiest way or cheats to beat and win slot games
Easiest way or cheats to beat and win slot games
  • Stringed Coin Technique

This is definitely one of the oldest tricks known to man. This technique is even used in vending machines but not in Onlineslotqq288.com Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. The idea here is to let the machine recognize a new coin inserted then pull the coin out again. A hole is pierced through the coin where the string can be attached.

Since this is an old trick, many slot machines today have managed to develop a mechanism to prevent this. But some casinos still use old slot machines so this trick is still possible. Regardless of the age or technology of the machine, this cheat can cause you grave punishments if caught.

  • Fake Coins

From the name itself, the coin is a fake. Instead of using real coins or tokens, cheaters use fake coins that are cheaper to produce to win in some slot game but in some site Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website you can’t use that, to trick the machine that a real coin has already been inserted.

  • Coat Hanger Technique

Just like the Stringed Coin Technique, this method is used to trick the machine that a coin is being inserted. Basically, the coat hanger is inserted to the coin hole to hold the mechanical coin counter in place.

  • The Monkey Paw

This is another device that tricks the machine that a coin is already inserted in the machine and disrupts the normal coin payouts. It can be done by sticking this rod-like device with a “claw” on the other end to the coin hole.

  • The Torch

This device lights up at the other end to confuse the machine coin sensor. This light stick is stuck up to the coin payout hole until it reaches the coin sensor. A flashing light tricks the machine that it is receiving coins which also controls the coin payout amount. The more instances the sensor is tricked or flashed, the more rewards can be paid out.

  • The Programmer Conspiracy

If there is anyone who is more knowledgeable than anybody about the slot machine, it would definitely be the person who built it – the programmer. Because of that, it is also the programmer who can easily manipulate and control its system. One case can be is when a programmer intentionally placed secret codes or combinations that only they can activate. They develop machines then play on it afterward, activating the secret code to win all the coins.

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