Gear for Softball

Gear for Softball

The gloves and the bats are the most common gear needed when playing softball for fun. However, it is important to choose the tool that has high quality to ensure that it will last for longer time. In buying for softball gears you should shop around from different sports stores so that you can compare the quality and price of the product. Shopping on local sports stores gives the opportunity to see the item personally.

Gear for Softball


On the other hand, if you want to have more choices, the best thing to do is to go online. There are many online stores from different countries catering sports equipment and gears. You can choose softball equipment depending on your preference and budget. If you have enough budgets, you can buy branded products just like those gears used by professional softball players.

Gear for Softball
Gear for Softball

The cost of the softball gloves and softball bats depends on the brand name. Yet, high quality products would carry higher price as compared to those that are not branded. Keep in mind that softball is a rugged game that is why it is essential to choose equipment that can withstand even unfavorable conditions. It is worthy to spend more money buying high quality gears as long as you can use it for long time.

Things to Consider in Buying Softball Bats

In buying softball bats you need to be very careful, otherwise you may end up buying a baseball bat. Although the differences between these two bats are monumental, yet they exist. That is why before making a purchase, it is necessary to know the differences in characteristics of the bats.

  • Size – The barrel of the softball bat is 2 ΒΌ inches in diameter.
  • Shape – A softball bat that has shape bottle is perfect in making a fast pitch. The barrel of the softball bat is longer making it advantageous hitting the ball. Likewise, it is lighter thus giving greater drop weight.
  • Markings – The bats used for softball have two markings including the ASA logo and the Bat Performance Factor rating. The BFP rating determines the performance of a specific bat over another. Softball bats should have 1.20 rating.

As compared to baseball bats, the softball bats are made from composite materials, thus the bats are not vulnerable to breakage. It is worthy to buy such bat despite of being expensive. Additionally, the composite material particularly the Kevlar fibers embedded inside the bat makes it lighter and safe to use. The bat can be customized either for a league or individual needs.

Softball Gloves

Another important gear in playing softball is the gloves. It is essential to ensure that the gloves fit on the hand of the player. Otherwise, it will affect the efficiency and performance. Generally, softball gloves are available in different sizes. That is why a player should choose the gloves of the right size and style.

Choosing the right size of gloves is important so that the player can easily put her hand into it and that the gloves stay on hand. You can also find gloves that have Velcro strap attached on the wrist. Wearing the right size of gloves is necessary to be efficient in throwing the ball and fielding. Thus, it makes sense of knowing the size range of gloves that fits on your hands.

Softball pitchers usually use larger glove pattern between 12.5 inch and 13 inch range. The pitcher needs bigger gloves to hide the ball and get the grip for a pitch. Likewise, the gloves for the pitcher should be the one with beehive web that is a solid web than the open web. Softball is a game that poses risks not only to players but also to other people involved in the game.

Softball gears are not only for players but also to all the people who are in the field and involved in the game. The players have specific gears to be used. In the same manner, the catcher also needs full body protection such as chest protector, facemask and shin guards to prevent major injuries. Likewise, umpires should also use softball equipment just like with catchers.

Softball is a fun sport, yet it needs equipment that can help players to perform efficiently on the field. Otherwise, wearing or using inappropriate gear can affect and compromise the game.

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