The Success of Roberto Clemente in Baseball Industry

The Success of Roberto Clemente in Baseball Industry

Before, there were only small and intimate settings intended for baseball all over the cities of America. Actually, baseball was then used as of great tool contributing to making the country an urban one. Throughout the years, baseball was considered to be part of urban life in America. After the World War I. The said professional sport was already considered as official institution in America. Chicago White Sox was one among the best teams that had contributed to the history of baseball at the same time created the biggest scandal as well. Because of the scandal about the game wherein they were said to be highly in favored, it as well showed how important baseball was for American’s national consciousness. It is really of great issue knowing that there was an unethical and immoral ways observed in the said sport leading to the question about integrity but fortunately it was revived through the passing of years. As of today, baseball is still considered as one of the most important sports for many American individuals.

The Success of Roberto Clemente in Baseball Industry


Roberto Clemente is one of the best baseball players of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is very exceptional in terms of baseball playing, and at the same time, a humanitarian who faces the challenge of racial discrimination and becomes the first Latino superstar.

The Success of Roberto Clemente in Baseball Industry
The Success of Roberto Clemente in Baseball Industry

In the eighteen sessions of his career with the pirates, he led his team and gained the two World Series championship, earned twelve gold gloves, became the most valuable player, and won national league battles four times.

Roberto Clemente was born in a poor rural of Puerto Rico during 1934 and grew up with some people who really suffers in struggles. He is an avid fan of the basketball players in the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954 during his childhood, which is just seven years after the name of Jackie Robinson Broke colored the barrier in the Major League of Baseball.

As a Black Latino, Roberto Clemente encountered lots of difficulties, prejudices, and obstacles as the first baseball player with an African and American blood. He just receives $10,000, which is only a fraction of the payment of white draftees. All of his white teammates provide segregation law wherein they just relax and enjoy in the beach, stay in hotels while he was forced to find his own home and sometimes, just eat his meals inside the bus.

Roberto Clemente in Baseball Sports Industry

Due to this kind of experience, Roberto Clemente was very offended by racism in the US. The injustice that he is experiencing was never experienced while he is in Puerto Rico because he grew up in a very relax and racial climate. After he signed the Pittsburgh Pirates, he felt strange in the blue-collar steel town, in which the majority saw him as a black man. The African-American community is always labeled as foreigners and the sports press quoted him as broken English.

But during 1964, Roberto Clemente led his team with lots of Latino members. All his successes have become an important symbol for the growing nation of Latino, and he excels in America’s pastime while he maintains Latino identity. Now, almost seventy percent of baseball players in United States come from Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

Roberto Clemente used his fame to talk about human rights, as well as his dream to develop underprivileged youth in Puerto Rico. Before this great Latino player died, he said that there is no need to waste your time if there is an opportunity that comes behind you and it is best to accomplish it.

Today, there are some negative issues about baseball but is still better to look back in the past so you will become more inspired and remove the bad things from it. Roberto Clemente is not just an excellent baseball player but he is also a great person, helping lots of people to break the barriers in racism of his countrymen. He serves as a good inspiration not only in his own country but also all over the world that until today, he continuously inspires the youth.

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