What you need to know before Betting on Aintree Horse Racing?

What you need to know before Betting on Aintree Horse Racing?

Do you want to try a super fun horse racing betting experience? If so, look forward to an exciting Aintree race and try your luck! But wait, before betting let’s know first that Aintree is all about. The word Aintree conjures flat and empty landscape. Aintree is noted as the Grand National’s home where the greatest horse races had taken place.  The place was indeed a history for many horse race enthusiasts as well as sports living legend. It is located at Liverpool’s north end. What you need to know before Betting on Aintree Horse Racing?

The Aintree race course is the place where horse racing’s greatest event is held and also known for making history in the world of racing.  The Aintree history is inseparable as with the history of the Grand National. It is William Lynn who first leased Aintree lands to be used as a host in horseracing. Its fame has led many gamblers to take a plunge.

What you need to know before Betting on Aintree Horse Racing?

What you need to know before Betting on Aintree Horse Racing?
What you need to know before Betting on Aintree Horse Racing?

Despite of the competition to Maghull racecourse, it was still the Aintree that grows popular and steady which attracts thousands of the spectators all year round. In the year 1936, William Lynn decides to make the Aintree as the host for the very first hunt race. Over the circular course is where the race is organized to simply allow all the spectators to see the very beginning and ending of the said race. Plus, betting is a worthwhile experience that adds the thrill.

For almost two years right after the very first hunt race, steeplechase championships are moved into Maghull. If it’s not with the swamp-like and the poor conditions after every rains, the hosting of the race may still be remain in there up to this days. Fortunately, in the year 1839, the hosting of the race was brought back into Aintree that marks the Era of Grand National.

The history of the Aintree was not made without an incident. As the World War II was on the tract, the Aintree falls into hard times together with dropping of attendance on the premier event. This was the time that the owner of the Aintree race course made the decision to sell it into a property developer named Bill Davies in the year of 1972.

Even though the new owner Bill Davies agrees in letting the race to continue, it seems for a while that both the Grand National and the Aintree racecourse are having no future after all. It just happens that in the year 1975, one of the companies for sports betting overtake the race course management.  The company who manage it made a total improvement on the course prospect to make it alive once again.

Aintree race course

In the year 1980, Bill Davies made a decision to sell the Aintree race course because despite of all the positive developments in the past few years the recourse still seems to be lost. On the year of 1983, the Aintree race course is finally saved. It was the jockey clubs together the assistance of the public donations who bought the course from Bill Davies.

Only within few years, Aintree fortune had already improved. Many powerful sponsors inject money in it that bring back its life with the crowds. Today, the history of the Aintree race course serves as the heart of the National Hunt Race and so many plans are still being put for the development of this historic racecourse.

See? Aintree has a very remarkable story. So are you a horse racing betting addict? If so, what are you waiting for? The prize is waiting for you. Bet on your favorite number now, stick to it and win more and more!

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